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According to a source: Road cycling enthusiasts are serious, committed and regular riders who rack up between 2,000 to 5,000 miles (3,000-7,000 kilometers) a year. They ride on flat, rolling and mountainous terrain and do interval, strength and endurance training. They will generally be on their bikes 4-6 days a week outdoors in decent weather. In lousy weather, about half of them will ride on a trainer. Some will still ride outside and the rest will sleep in. They ride on their own, with regular partners, and in group rides. And thus they deserve the best gifts.

There are important characteristics that cyclists most always share: a love of adventure, a strong whiff of self-sufficiency (self-reliance), a strong desire for good healthy exercise, a love of Nature and the outdoors, and tendencies to waste less, pay less attention to money, not worry about impressing others and seek the humble pleasures of life. Whether the cyclist in your life spends most of their waking hours in their riding gear or just enjoys cruising around town on two wheels, there is no better time than now to gift them something memorable or help them upgrade their gear. On that note, here is a list of the best offerings for the rider in your life

1. Mountain Bike Shorts

This durable, abrasion-resistant, water-repellent and breathable nylon shorts are the perfect gift for your biker. It effectively manages moisture and offers UPF 50+ sun protection. The 4-way stretch enhances the range of motion and has large enough storage pocket to fit a big phone.

2. Mountain Bike Shoes

You can argue all you want but at last will have to agree that presenting bikers with the Freerider Pro is the best gift. The synthetic material resists weather and abrasion while the uppers are perforated for breathability. Also the stiff footbed provides solid power transfer. And thanks to the skate inspired design, they look stunning too.

3. Coffee Cup Holder

A simple cup holder for every coffee lover cyclist is the single best accessory. It easily attaches to the handle bars and no tools are required for the installation. Bring your daily cup of hot or iced brew with you on your daily commute. It is a great gift for cycle enthusiasts.

4. Park Tool

Need a spot to secure the bike? Use the Park Tool as a ratchet. It is known for the solid gear and the micro-adjustable clamp allows quick entry and exits. It folds quickly, easily and compactly for storage. And the teardrop-shaped tubing adds strength and ensures perfect positioning during use and folding.

5. Rain Jacket

It usually starts raining when you are an hour away from home, too dedicated to turn back. And this is what makes the rain jacket very handy. It’s light enough for you to keep in your jersey pocket and forget about it until required. While the stretch fabric is completely waterproof, the Ultra-Lite lacks taped seams and includes cloth underarm panels for breathability.

6. Heart Rate Monitor

Stat tracking fitness nerds will love this device. It records your daily activity, walking distance, calories burned and monitors your sleep status with full analysis. 1.5 hours’ charging allows up to 4 days of working time or 25 days of standby time.

7. Sunglasses

They are dialed for trail riding, starting with those oversize Chromapop lenses that enhance clarity so you see more detail and hydrophilic nose pads that stick like glue, even when you’re sweating heavily. Auto-lock hinges help keep the shades tight against your dome on bumpy trails, too. The upgraded Two-Position adjustable nose pads enable you to customize the comfort and fit based on the shape of your nose bridge. This also allows you to strategically position the flywheel further from your brow for ventilation and help prevent lens fogging. It can be a very useful gift for cycle enthusiasts.

8. Locks

Kryptolock gives much serious protection than any other locks at the same price. A 12.7mm steel shackle that can resist hand tools, bolt cutters and leverage attacks will keep the bike safe in the suburbs and the mounting bracket lets you carry the lock on your bike during the commute.

9. Travel Mug

The new best friend for every cyclist is the eight-ounce coffee mug that is absolutely spill proof, thanks to the screw tight top. It fits in almost every bottle or cup holder or can be slid into the backpack. Go ahead and put it right next to your laptop: this thing isn’t spilling.

10. Bike Gloves

The specially shaped with the right amount of gel padding to avoid numb fingers and offer a next-to-bar feel that cyclists love. The synthetic leather palms provide durability, are soft but grippy

11. Portraits

Looking for a gift that is outside these cliched biking stuff, gifts that symbolizes your affection towards them? Gifts that represent their best time? Try gifting them a portrait and enjoy the joy on their face. Head out to PortraitMojo to get the perfect gift for your biker. Choose from a variety of options and get the best delivered to you. This can be one of the best gift for cycle enthusiasts.

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