Watercolor Painting Portraits Are Special. Here’s Why!

Watercolor is a master medium. It is all about transparency and glow that is of course not possible with other forms of art. And hence, watercolor painting portraits can illustrate emotions better.

From dancing, vibrating, light-filled passages to richly colored transparent darks, from cascading wet washes to staccato dry brush effects. Watercolors can produce painting effects which no other medium can match.

watercolor painting portrait

A rapidly executed watercolor thrills with its immediacy, energy, and boldness. Watercolor is not a medium that can be totally controlled or manipulated, and that of course is the very beauty of its quality.

Some more reasons why watercolor painting portraits are the ones for you to choose:

  • With watercolor, you can glaze layer upon layer and still have the luminosity and lacey edges.
  • Watercolor is smooth. Its ability to apply immediately helps in achieving the depths and texture that a portrait painting requires.
  • The unique spontaneity of the medium is very fascinating and attracts beyond technical success.
  • The wonderful effects that happen with the flow of the colors can not be achieved by any other medium. And thus the watercolor painting portraits can express your emotions better.
  • The reflection of transparent watercolor against the white of the paper is something alluring as well as uniquely brilliant and is almost impossible to achieve with other forms of art.
  • Watercolor is the safest form of medium in the market.

Some famous watercolor painting portraits for you to get inspired and order one now!

  • Bhuwan Silhare
  • Stan Miller
  • Rogger Oncoy
  • Uday Bhan

The beautiful process of watercolor painting is also fun and suggestive of endless possibilities. Watercolor painting is a very powerful way to express your feelings, particularly to the one whom you gift the portrait to.

A single portrait is worth a thousand words. And gifting it to someone can mean a world to them. Head to our gallery and order one now!

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