Oil Painting Portrait Are Most Unique! Here’s Why.

Oil Painting Portraits are antique stuff, history going back to the ancient times recorded as early as the 11th century. Even in recent times, artists all over the world prefer it as the most stylish choice. It offers a massive array and the depth of sturdiness allowing it to remain feasible for several years.

Oil Painting

Oil Paintings describe the stories in a very fascinating way and get attraction because of their uniqueness, exquisiteness, and massive value.
Oil Painting imparts beautification and, are admired as the stuff of gigantic beauty all over the world.

The reason we prefer Oil Painting Portraits:

  • Longer Working Time: Oil Painting usually stays wet for a longer period than any other kind, thus it gives the artist the flexibility to start the painting today and continue on it the day after. Thus the customer also gets time for multiple revisions.
  • Smooth Blending: Because Oil paints have the nature of drying slowly, they are fantastic for creating subtle blends. This is especially useful for portrait painting where the shading of the face can need constant revisiting.
  • Flexibility: Oil paints can be applied in many different ways from thin glazes diluted with turpentine to dense thick impasto.
  • No Immediate Color Shift: Oil paints do not change noticeably after drying and hence it is possible to produce different effects: opaque and transparent, and different finishes: matt and gloss.

Some Famous Oil Painting Portraits from around the World:

  • Annuciation by Leonardo Da Vinci
  • Madonna of the Goldfinch by Raphael
  • Adoration of the Child by Gerard van Honthorst

These oil painting portraits depict different stories in a fascinating way that it makes us want to have one for ourselves. So head over to our gallery and order one now! Be it for yourself or to gift it to someone, these portraits are the best choice to make.

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