Gifts for someone living in Singapore

Selecting a gift for someone can be a tedious process and specially when that someone is from different culture and country . Here is a list of few gifts that will be loved by someone living in Singapore.

1. Red Envelope

Gifting red envelope symbolises sending good wishes and luck. It is the most popular Chinese New Year gift.
Here are common examples for your reference: to kids: 100–1,000 yuan; to elders: 500–2,000 yuan.

2. Golden Money Coin Prosperity Tree

The coin prosperity tree is also a form of luck and best wishes. It is a great decor for any office desk, kitchen counter-top or bedside table.
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3. A Portrait

Every occasion’s go to gift is a portrait. Gift the best life moments in the form of a portrait and make the Chinese New Year special.
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4. Tea

Chinese people love tea. Gifting a wrapped box of tea is always a nice gesture.

5. Fruits

Fruits are a popular gifts for your Chinese hosts. A box of apples and oranges are generally preferred because they symbolise safety and fortune respectively.

6. Sweets

Gifing sweets is the best way to wish your host a sweet life ahead.

7. Chocolates

Take some chocolates from your country or make it yourself. This is the best gift anyone could receive.

8. Orange Dwarf Plant

The benefits of orange fruits are known to all. This Chinese new year gift your hosts a Chinese Orange Dwarf Plant and wish them health and love.
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9. Health Food

Healthcare products are always ideal for old people, especially tonic foods of high nutritional value.

10. Clothes and Accessories

The festival falls in winter, so warm clothes, hats, scarves and gloves are useful gifts.


11. Money Elephant Figurine

It depicts a proud elephant sitting on top of money. It symbolizes power, wisdom, strength, fertility, protection of the home, making it a perfect gift for someone living in Singapore.
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