Fun Games to Play with your dog!

Each and every person has that special someone with whom they want to spend most of their
time with. For some it may be another person and for some it is their beloved pet: dogs! These
people have dogs as their best friend and most of their free time goes into either taking care of
them or playing with them. Playing with your dogs is the most fun part but what is not fun is
deciding what to play. So here I am pointing down some real fun games to play with your dog,
so that you spend more time doing fun rather than thinking about what to do.

1. Frisbee

Does your dog already know how to fetch a ball or a stick? Then you can
definitely advance a level and play frisbee with your dog. Though the dog might have
some difficulty catching the frisbee at first but keep patience and enjoy some best
moments of your day.

2. Teach your dog a new trick

Young or old, no matter the age, your dog loves to learn new things. So browse into youtube, and start teaching new tricks so that when next time you have a house party everyone is in awe of your dog.

3.Throw a puppy party

You always have friends with dogs on your speed dial for emergencies, but it’s time for you to invite them over with their dogs and have fun together.

4. Go to a dog park

Sometimes your dog just needs to socialize with other pets. So it will be great fun for you and your furry friend to have a walk-in a dog’s park.

5. Play in the sprinkler, leaves or snow

Sometimes the fun you are looking for is waiting just outside your door. All you have to do is open the door and take your dog out, run through a sprinkler, play with snowballs during a snowstorm or just jump in a pile of leaves. The simplest times gives the best memories.

6.Take a lot of photos

Sometimes when you are too tired to go outside but you want to spend your time with your pet, all you can do is take a lot of pictures together so you can relive the moments gone by. You can also get these photos converted into a portrait. Order them here at Portraitmojo

7.Do Doga(Dog Yoga)

A dog-friendly yoga session will help you bond with your pet and also keep both of you fit and healthy.

8. Get a doggy massage

Going to a spa and getting a massage isn’t just beneficial for you, but your canine friend can enjoy it too. It will help in strengthening immunity, increased circulation, stress relief, proper digestion and much more. So book a massage for you and your companion together and have some relaxing time together.

9.Play some Water games

Going to the local beach can be a lot of fun for dogs, especially those that already love swimming (don’t forget a doggie life jacket for safety). You can bring along some dog toys and play a game of fetch in the water.

10. Play Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek is a fun game to play with your dog. It lets your dog use their natural scent tracking ability in a fun way. To play hide and seek to have your dog stay while you go find a hiding spot. Once situated call your dog and praise them when they find you. If your dog doesn’t have a good ‘stay’ you can enlist the help of someone else to distract your dog as you hide.

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