Charcoal Drawing: Capturing the Intensity of Life with Art!

Artists have got various choices of tools for drawing. Out of them, charcoal is a popular tool, especially for those who like sketching and do it fast. Charcoal drawing is a technique that employs an implement of charred wood and is a staple for any artist’s study.

charcoal drawing

Charcoal is a smooth yet brittle material that overall offers a quick sketching experience. It creates a great level of gradation and responds strongly to the grain of paper it is used on.

Charcoal painting is probably the oldest or one of the oldest methods of portraying emotions on paper. Its ease of manufacture and use makes it one of the best tools for drawing for artists.

The various other reasons we prefer charcoal drawing over any other are:

  • Lasts Longer: While other art mediums may have greater color saturation, portraits drawn in charcoal last longer.
  • Spontaneous and sensitive: Charcoal painting is more spontaneous in its creativity than any other art form. Also, its usage has a tendency to be scribbling in its technique, quickly expressing the emotions of the artists.
  • Has more depth: Charcoal pencils produce deeper, darker lines ranging from very bold and heavy lines on down to soft and subtle shading, with any sort of shading tones the artist wants to use.
  • Ease of use: Charcoals are easy to use as you can use big broad strokes which are more suitable for larger drawings. It achieves darker value easily and is faster to work with.

Color is descriptive but black, and white is interpretive. It expresses the true emotions of the artist as well as the person in the portrait. And thus we can fairly say that charcoal drawing is one of the best mediums to be portrayed on. It is a precious piece of drawing to get for yourself or to gift it to your dear ones. Visit our gallery and order yourself a complete gift package.

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