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Pencil Sketch: Features and Characteristics!

The pencil sketch is a rapidly executed freehand drawing that can serve multiple purposes. It records something that the artists see or it may develop an idea for later use. It may also be used to depict one’s emotions. It is like the breath of art. It is the most refreshing form of creating self-expression. […]

Watercolor Painting Portraits Are Special. Here’s Why!

Watercolor is a master medium. It is all about transparency and glow that is of course not possible with other forms of art. And hence, watercolor painting portraits can illustrate emotions better. From dancing, vibrating, light-filled passages to richly colored transparent darks, from cascading wet washes to staccato dry brush effects. Watercolors can produce painting […]

Acrylic Painting Portraits: Characteristics and Advantages!

Artists all over the world use different mediums to showcase their art – oil painting, acrylic painting, watercolor painting, pencil sketches, charcoal drawing and many more. Each of them has its characteristics making them unique in their ways. Acrylic Painting is great for crafts and collage because of its versatility, durability, and adhesive qualities. Acrylics […]

Charcoal Drawing: Capturing the Intensity of Life with Art!

Artists have got various choices of tools for drawing. Out of them, charcoal is a popular tool, especially for those who like sketching and do it fast. Charcoal drawing is a technique that employs an implement of charred wood and is a staple for any artist’s study. Charcoal is a smooth yet brittle material that […]

Best Gift for Any Occasion are Portraits! Here’s Why.

Photo to handmade Charcoal portrait

Choosing a gift for any occasion can be tough. In an attempt to buy something innovative and creative, we consume so much time thinking but in the end, we only come up with some conventional, quickly accessible presents. You don’t need to worry anymore! Here we have the perfect gift idea for every occasion and […]