We at PortraitMojo converts your photos to a hand made painting that has life of its own.We believe that with our labour of love we can impart life to your photos. Can unleash the mojo of your photo in true sense.In this technological world where images are getting “Produced” from your digital camera/phone everyday we strive to “CREATE” a hand-made portrait that has a life of its own.

The primary purpose of existence is to provide exposure to great talent of artist who have done Master’s in Fine Arts and even Phd in Fine Art’s from the biggest and most revered university of ASIA in the field of ARTS,
Indira Kala Sangit Vishwavidyalaya

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We belong to a state in India which Chhattisgarh which is known worldwide for amazing wood carvings, bamboo work/furniture, bell metal handicraft, figures of terracotta, tribal jewelry, paintings, and clay pieces are some of the specialties from the state. The authentic handicrafts, like any other element of culture, are really mesmerising.

All our Painters have formal education in arts.Some have done Masters in fine arts while few are pursuing their Phd from the biggest ART university ofAsia.Hence, we are an amalgamation of knowledge ,craft and passion acquired with years of learning.

We at PortraitMojo works with utmost positive spirit towards our arts and paintings.It starts with moments that you share with us in the form of an image and radiates in our painting. With its true Mojo!